Friday, August 28, 2009

skate and create 2009

After watching Smithereens i decided to watch 'Wassup Rockers.' A film by Larry Clark, set in south central, a group of punk rocker latino skaters decide to go skate beverly hills high school. From this i then had the urge to look at the manual magazine website, i stumbled upon a few vids, the transworld skate and create 2009. four teams. one warehouse. 9 days per team. best skateboarding documentarians. one set of obstacles. shit gets pretty arty than your standard skate vid. But this shit is off the hook. Enjoy yeah boooiiiiiii!


new love

so of late i've been djing at a 50's and 60's night. I've been introduced to a lady named Wanda Jackson, the queen of rockabilly.  she's my new love to my ears. this woman was a total babe back in the day, and she is still kickin around to this day, of course in time things start to go a bit pear shape, but in my eyes she's still a total babe and her voice still kills it!

friday night, fuck you

i'm stayin in and watching the film the 'smithereens'. Another 80's new york, East village, punk lifestyle featuring Richard Hell, Susan Berman, and Brad Rinn. From the director  Susan Seidelman, who also made cult classic 'desperately seeking susan.'
I've got red wine, cigarettes and all night long. Golden!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

something fitting

considering 60's psych is in at the moment thought I would post something created by a local talent named Trust Fun. These scaarves are incredible. Emilio Pucci ain't got shit on this.

new song for the week....

A sydney band. 2 girls one guy = awesomeness

I need you co-op boots!

and you fiorentini + baker 'eli' boot

Monday, August 24, 2009

it' been a while..

Stumbled upon an old friend, chris wood. what can i say a chill dude, and a gnarly shredder. miss ya bud, check out his interview with manual mag. talk turkey tuesday

I've been missing you since i left you

Alexander McQueen Faithful range....killin it.

Fendi Studded Platform boot.
YSL  Y Not Booties

If only i had a disposable income life would be great