Monday, November 30, 2009

New shoes

Got me a pair of bottega venneta pointed desert boots, pretty stoked with them, they fit like a gem. Thank you to Marni for giving them to me. Bless my small feet.
Farewell Marni you will be missed. Enjoy London town XX

-shit just got blogged

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shit just got hectic

Tom you just went up a notch in my belt

-shit just got blogged

Thursday, November 26, 2009

supreme beings

you've done it again!

Rosa Acosta

Some old ones too.....

Lou Reed

Kermit da Frog

Malcolm Mclaren

Look out for the RZA cover.
Miss you Brendon, Anegleo, Ricky and all the rest of the guys at Supreme
check out their shit!

miss ya my niggs

Alan my homie, you were the greatest!

black and white




Saturday, November 21, 2009

Summertime Melbourne

It was summertime when I was in new York. Every weekend my friends and I went to the hamptons or mantauk. Our inspiration Slim Aarons! There's nothing better than rich people with good figures, a perfect golden brown colour, with no signs of skin cancer lazing around some of the most beautiful swimming pools or breathtaking beaches.
It's now summertime here in Australia. Unfortunately I don't have the pleasure of having weekends available. Or nice beaches to go to unless if i drive 2 hours away. Fuck that I don 't have a car. Instead I can daydream and have a cold bath. Here is a snippet of what I'll be dreaming about when I'm in the tub.




Friday, November 20, 2009

youtubin' at 3am

can't sleep, yet so tired, here are some saturday night live clips that are entertaining me.

can't get enough of these guys, you're just too good!

another friday night in.....

Sorry to neglect, but what can I say i've been occupied with japan, the melbourne heat wave, and an opening of a rooftop bar.
But here's some shit that has caught my eye of late:

fuck yes, size 6/ x-small or whatever i'll take it...... It's Ambush x John Lawrence Sullivan see his stuff here.

I got myself one this things in japan, out with the poloraoid, hello fuji cheki 7s. It also comes in brown and of course there is also a Hello Kitty version of it. This little buddy captured many many many great moments that i experienced in japan. (check my facebook albums for some insight).

TopShop you're killing me with your shoe collection.

                                                              Aggie Metal Insert Heel Boot

                                                              Pin Up stud boot by Boutique.

                                                     Peter Jensen Ankle Boot.

For once I actually prefer the creamy colour instead of the black. weird i know......

After the battle between having an Iphone and a Blackberry, I caved in and decided to get myself an Iphone, yes i am now one of those bastards that compares the different apps that you can get, i am also    one those stupid idiots that doesn't look where they're going whilst typing a message, and yes i do ignore you when it is in my hand, nothing will get through to me unless you send me a message to my phone, that is the only way i will notice you. Lame i know, but it's my new toy and my new love, and yes thats a hello kitty bedazzled case on it, gay i know but........ sorry.