Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Here are some images of stuff that I've been doing, I've been styling shoots for Vice, Puma, and MTV in the last week. urgh hectic schedule but a lot of fun. And also just hanging out with some good people, and seen their talented work.

 "tomato face" photo shoot for VICE mag

Puma Social"make your own sports ground" shoot.

 The amazing Victoria Gordon, she's the buyer and store manager for Alice Euphemia.

 Trinkets that hang from the rear view mirror in my friend Matto's car, This was hand painted by this lil old woman in LA..... 

Melbourne Metal collective - "Alchemy" group exhibition. This exhibition was beautifully laid out and styled, the pieces were even better.

 Ruby Rose interviewing a girl that works at Wildilocks hair salon.
 Theo in his footwear studio.... He works at Captain's of Industries. this was my first visit to this place, it's a lovely collective of a tailor, barber, shoemaker and a cafe. The interior design is exceptional....

Pieces of metal wonders that I borrowed from Metal Couture for MTV/Ruby Rose series. Tiny sculptures of fine craftsmanship.

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